Peel-off Base-Coat Gel by dreamnails me

Product Description

Why do we have a base coat in our assortment?

While you don't need a base coat with the dreamnails me 3-in-one gel, our peel-off base coat can come in handy. Do you like the strength and durability of UV gels, but like to change your nail design often?
Are your nails predisposed to hold gels very well and need a lot of soaking and pushing to remove your gel coat?


Use the dreamnails me peel-off base coat!


Apply the dreamnails me peel-off base coat as regular base coat and dry it under your UV nail dryer for 30-60 seconds. Then apply your UV gel (works with any gel brand)


Your gel will hold firmly, but you also can remove it quickly and easily. Just push it off your nail with your cuticle pusher. Save yourself from the hassle to have to remove your gel with acetone or scratching and pushing.


The dreamnails me peel-off base coat:

Use and apply the same way as any gel base coat

Dries quickly under your UV lamp

Easy to peel off your gel from your nail

Works with any gel brand

Save your time

Quickly change your gel color


Bought best as set with dreamnails me 3-in-one gel(s)


$16.99 USD
60 Day Money Back Guarantee