Personal High Performance UV Gel Nail Curing Lamp

Product Description

The dreamnails me UV gel nail dryers are made by high quality manufacturing in Taiwan, not China. Using high qualith UV Led's the light emmited by the lamp will cure UV gels withing seconds.


To avoid any risk of breakage our lamp does not have any on-off buttons that could break. A touch sensor will switch our lamp on for a 30 second curing cycle. This is long enough to cure most gels. Should you feel insecure just touch the lamp of another cycle.


The dreamnails me UV gel nail dryer:

  • Designed not to break and to last a lifetime
  • Uses LED lights with 20'000 hours lifetime.
  • No need for glass tubes with poisonous gases that endanger kids and pets as with  old style dryers
  • Use it for your hand or feet
  • Works with most UV gel polish brands
  • No button to break, touch sensor with 30 second curing light cycle.
  • Small and light, easy to bring along to your next business trip and holiday destination.
  • Great gift idea
  • Available in white and pink

Bought best as set with gel, holder and base coat


$49.99 USD
60 Day Money Back Guarantee