Gel Master for all Shapes of Nail Polish Bottles (FREE + Shipping)

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Do you also like to make your nails on the couch and other comfortable places without a flat surface to safely apply your nail polish? Worried spilling the valued drops and ruining blankets and furniture as we are?

Use the Gel Master to secure your nail polish bottle and work on your nail design without worrying


The dreamnails me Gel Master is:

  • Easy to use, handy when doing your own nails
  • The flexible and open silicone rings are designed to fit all finger sizes
  • Top is made to hold all sizes of polish bottles, from small to big, odd to round shapes.
  • Use it for your entire polish collection!
  • Holds your polish bottle firmly, incline your hand to reach the last drops in your bottle
  • Easily  switch from hand to hand
  • Great Christmas gift for your mom and best friend
  • Paint your nails while watching TV and don't worry about kids and pets spilling your bottle

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