3-in-1 UV Gel Nail Polish by dreamnails me

Product Description

Tired of having to make your nails 3 times for perfection? Base coat, polish, then again top coat?
Get rid of the hassle and save your time for the important things!


The dreamnails me 3-in-1 UV nail gel is the easiest nail gel system you can buy today. Just one gel does it all! It brushes on smoothly and dries in seconds under your UV nail dryer. Our special mix ensures it will have a flawless shine and vibrant color that can last for weeks. 

The dreamnails me UV Gel Polish

  • Combines base coat, polish and top coat in one mix. Apply only once and save your time and hassle.
  • Get the dreamnails me gel and dump your old bottles of coat.
  • Always busy and getting ready for a night out at the last moment?
  • With the dreamnails me nail polish you can get your nails ready in no time!
  • As with all UB gels, dreamnails me gel won’t easily chip, flake and crack like old-fashioned nail polish.
  • Available in 4 colors Rose, Ballet Slipper (Pink), Tortilla (Light Brown), Indigo.

Why not getting yourself the entire color set with our UV nail dryer to be all set?


$16.99 USD
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