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dreamnails me gel polish kit

Beautiful gel nails, anytime, anywhere!

The gel nail polish that you can do yourself, at home or at work. No salon visit necessary.


With dreamnails me, you can create flawless color gel nails in no time at all, and they'll stay perfect for days or weeks, without chipping or cracking. Dreamnails me is the simplest 3-in-1 nail gel system you can buy today. It’s like having a professional nail design salon in your own home or office, but it's a salon that's always open and always ready for you – there's no need to wait or make an appointment!


Whether you're planning a night out with friends, a business meeting, or a family gathering, you'll always look your best with dreamnails me. Now you'll always have beautiful, colorful nails that shine like you've just stepped out of the salon.


dreamnails me gel polish


Choose the nail gel that's right for your lifestyle



With dreamnails me 3-in-1 color gels you can get that perfect gel nail sheen with just one or two applications. The dreamnails me gel has no toluene, no harmful heavy metals, no unpleasant odor, and all products are certified for safety by SGS standards. You won't believe how easy it is: simply clean your nails with a lint-free alcohol wipe, brush on dreamnails me nail gel, then use the dreamnails me LED nail lamp to dry for 30-60 seconds, depending on gel thickness – and your new nails are ready for action! It’s hard to believe, but with dreamnails me, getting perfect professional-quality gel nails can actually be faster and easier than using nail polish!


For active lifestyles, and if you're doing sports or housework or want your beautiful nails to last even longer, you can strengthen them with a layer of top coat, of any brand. There's no need to waste your time or money: you can apply exactly as much gel as you need, to suit your lifestyle. For example, some users put an extra layer on certain fingernails or toenails only.


dreamnails me peel-off base gel


Unleash your creativity! Design your nails with almost any gel color


Some of us like to really get creative with our nail designs and colors, but what if you can't find the color or style of gel you want in the dreamnails me 3-in-1 range? It's no problem, because the dreamnails me peel-off base gel lets you use almost any color gel product – there are thousands to choose from. And, with our peel-off base gel, you'll still get all the great dreamnails me advantages like nail protection, safety, and easy gel removal.


To use the peel-off base gel, all you have to do is brush on the transparent base coat, apply your own choice of gel nail polish on top, and brush on the protective top coat – drying each layer for 30-60 seconds under the LED lamp. Now there's nothing limiting your creativity! You can use the most exotic colors and fancy glittering gels to paint your own nail designs, in the comfort of your own home or workplace.


Your dreamnails me gel nail polish can last for days or weeks, but when you’re ready to change the color or renew the gel, you’ll find it's far easier to remove than competing nail gel products – no matter whether you use dreamnails me 3-in-1 gel or dreamnails me peel-off base gel. There's no need to scrape your nails or soak them in harsh acetone. Just use a cuticle pusher to gently lift the edge, and you can peel off the gel in one piece, leaving your nail clean and healthy.


dreamnails me Personal High Performance LED curing lamp

The safe and simple way to get perfect nails



The dreamnails me gels and LED lamp dryers are as safe and easy to use as a traditional nail polish. Some other gel systems use harsh chemicals and dangerously strong UV lights that damage and dry out your skin, nails or cuticles. All dreamnails me products are safe for you and your family when used responsibly – they do not require toxic acetone or unsafe levels of UV light. In fact, dreamnails me nail gels were developed from technologies already proven safe for cosmetic dental use. Unlike other products, dreamnails me gel can easily be removed from your nails without harmful scraping, filing or soaking in chemicals.


Get salon-quality nails without paying high salon prices


When they see your gleaming new nails, your friends and family won’t believe you did them yourself, without spending lots of time or money in a salon. Are you ready to let them in on your dreamnails me secret? Once you’ve created your own perfect nails, why not treat your friends and family to a professional gel polish manicure too!


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